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Radio Show


Entre Mujeres Radio

For more than three years on the air more with over 150 programs, Nosotras las Mujeres have impacted the lives of thousands of radio listeners who have been inspired and have obtained life tools that allow them to achieve a new lifestyle.


Nosotras las Mujeres airs on Fridays at 6 pm with a group of women who specialize in different areas: Vanessa Santiago as a Nutritionist, Tania Zaldo as an agent in the financial industry, Sussana Martinez as a professional Stylist and Cosmetologist, all of whom are joined by our founder and Life Coach Ana Paola.

Each broadcast is different filled with information and lots of laughs!

All programs are recorded and remain as a resource on Ana Paola's YouTube channel.

Every Friday at 6 pm

Would you like to take your products or services to another level?

We, women, have a space for you!

Advertising with us not only to sell but to achieve a human connection with your new prospects and with other entrepreneurs. We, women, support your image by using your services and your products to honestly and truly attest to the quality of your service. You will enjoy a wide promotional space and advice to project the wonders of your business.

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