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10 Limiting Beliefs

The Latina woman has been subject for many years to limiting beliefs: religious, social and cultural. Discover which are some of the most common in our community, once you identify with them it will be easier to avoid applying them in your thoughts, and therefore transmit them to new generations.

1) Women are not enough

2) Only adults deserve respect

3) God will punish you

4) If you are not disciplined, you will not be successful

5) Children do not count

6) The rich people are bad people

7) No pain, no gain

8) Infidelity is women guilt

9) Good women stay at home

10) A little bit but sure

Today we know and we have verified that none of the above beliefs are true, by eliminating them from our thoughts we eliminate them from our actions and therefore our life improves and our worldview is broadened, and if you have any of these beliefs or any other very well rooted and you would like to work it and eliminate it contact your Life Coach and schedule a session.

I invite you to watch the spanish

video of the 10 limiting beliefs where I explain each one of them.


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