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The Gift List

Gift Ideas for the Modern Woman

A modern woman is not characterized by age, she is characterized by her open mind and her new contributions to her environment. The modern woman has changed many stereotypes and beliefs, including gifts! Here I share a list of gifts suggested for the modern woman in your life, it can be your daughter, your friend, your mother, your neighbor, your boss or any other woman who prefers innovative and authentic special gifts!

massage a gift for the modern woman

Credits for services:


Manicure / pedicure



Makeup store

An experience in a beautiful restaurant

A class or workshop of something that she loves to do

Virtual store (music, books, Amazon etc.)

A weekend escapes

Coaching Session

time for herself: a gift for a modern woman

Inspiring Goodies:

Super comfortable and warm slippers

Set of candles or oils to have time with herself

A beautiful little blanket that connects with you every time she use it

A Best Seller book

A painting or printed picture

An inspiring agenda

Tickets to the movie theater, a concert or a cultural event

Notice that modern woman, likes to have options, we use our right to choose!

There are many ways to show our love ones that we love them, and the value of our gifts is proportional to the love with which we chose them!

Shout it out if you wish to receive something from the list.

* We can avoid regular cleaning or household items, it is not inspiring, and it is not personalized.


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